The new North Zealand Hospital

Northzealand Hospital

Northzealand Hospital

About the project

The new North Zealand Hospital rethinks previous hospital designs, increasing the focus on social, economic and environmental sustainability. The 115,000 sqm hospital is based on a vision of the healing architecture and is shaped like a clover to create coherence between form and function. The design focuses on the patients’ wellbeing to aid a quick recovery by creating a pleasant place for patients and visitors through the seamless connection between architecture and nature

Key challenges 

The building has been designed to meet the Danish Building Classification 2020 while a DGNB gold certification of the building has been prioritised by the clientThis will make it one of the most energy efficient hospitals ever to be builtThe building resides on a low-lying site where the control of rainwater run-off has been especially challenging and resulted in a sustainable drainage design comprising swales and ponds to limit the rainwater run-off from the site. 


Ramboll functions as engineering and project management consultant, providing a range of engineering services including sustainability consultancy. The building is designed with an airtight façade, making it highly sustainable with its energy efficient design. Besides including more than 5,000 m2 photovoltaic panels, the building also includes a variable air volume mechanical ventilation with high-efficiency heat recovery.